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Welcome to the Linux Store by WDP Document Services.  Use this site to order any Linux distribution installation DVD you see below.  If we don't have what you're looking for, send us an e-mail at and we will be glad to create a customized Linux distribution DVD to your specifications.  We do not charge for the software, and only charge a nominal fee for the DVD, and shipping costs.  Each DVD costs $4.99USD, and can be paid with PayPal or Moneybookers.  We accept international orders, but the shipping is slightly more.  Email us for a quote.  We can also accept payment in various currencies including Euro, British Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, and more.  If you're unsure, just ask!  Thanks for looking.  Our goal is to provide a Linux solution for everyone, at a completely affordable rate. 

Linux Distributions

Custom Linux CD

$ 4.99 USD

Chose this option for any item not listed in the rest of the catalog.  We will create an install DVD for ANY Linux distribution that you want.  Specify distribution you would like in your payment.  Shipping is included in the price. 


Ubuntu Live/Install DVD

$ 4.99 USD

Ubuntu distribution of Linux.  Ubuntu strives to make Linux user-friendly for the average PC user and has done an incredible job of doing so.  This is for the latest LTS (long term support) version of Ubuntu.  Alternately, you can specify Xubuntu on your order, and we will send the Xubuntu CD, which is optimized for computers with lower specs.  This is a Live DVD as well as a full-install DVD, meaning you can boot from it and try it out without making any changes to your computer before you decide to install.  As always, shipping is included in the price. 

Debian Install DVD

$ 4.99 USD

Choose this product for the Debian distribution of Linux.  Debian has a long history and is known for it's stability and professionalism.  Great for workstations, small businesses, and file/web servers.  By default, you will always receive the latest release that has been dubbed "stable."  Shipping included in price. 


RedHat Linux

$ 4.99 USD

The latest release of Red Hat Linux.  Red Hat is another distribution that has a long, rich history as one of the most stable, user-friendly distribution of Linux.  You will receive the latest stable release.  Shipping is included in price. 

Fedora Core Linux

$ 4.99 USD

Fedora Core is a Linux Distribution based on Red Hat.  It has received very positive reviews.  The contains a Live/Install DVD, which, like Ubuntu, will allow you to boot from the DVD and try the system out before you make any changes from your computer.  Shipping is included. 

SuSe Linux

$ 4.99 USD

SuSe Linux is another popular distribution of Linux that has been around forever.  You will receive the latest stable release.  Also contains a bootable Live DVD that you can boot from to try it out without changing your computer configuration.  Shipping included in price.

Gentoo Linux

$ 4.99 USD

Gentoo is a distribution designed to have highly optimized and frequently updated software. Distributions based on Gentoo use the Portage package management system with emerge or one of the alternative package managers.  Shipping is included in the price.

Darwin for PowerPC Macs

$ 4.99 USD

Darwin is a Unix-Like operating system that is the core of the Mac OS X.  It is competely open source, and a great alternative operating system for your PowerPC G3 or better based Mac.  Completely POSIX-compliant, taking some of its features from BSD and NeXtSTEP.  Shipping is included.


$ 4.99 USD

 FreeBSD is the open source distribution of the POSIX-compliant Unix-like operating system BSD.  While it is not a Linux distribution, it is more focused on adhering to POSIX compliance.  FreeBSD is another distribution that has a long, stable history and is a very powerful, stable operating system on everything from your personal laptop to your business' servers.  Shipping included. 

Knoppix Live CD

$ 4.99 USD

Knoppix is the first distribution of Linux that was offered on a "Live CD" that allowed users to boot from the CD and try it out before committing to any drastic changes in operating environment.  Very user-friendly, and it can be configured to install to a USB flash drive instead of the Live CD, that way you can take your work with you and make changes to the system that save upon shut down.  Knoppix is a great product for anyone, especially those who want portibility in an operating system.  Shipping is included.  USB flash drives preinstalled with Knoppix are also available, but the cost of the USB drive is slightly higher than the CD version, due to the cost of the hardware. 

PS Ubuntu for the Playstation 3

$ 4.99 USD

This is a distribution of the popular user-friendly Ubuntu Linux intended for use on the Playstation 3 Home Computer Entertainment Console.  Turn your PS3 into a fully-customized computer system and multimedia home entertainment console.  Shipping is included. 3.0

$ 4.99 USD

OpenOffice is an open source Office suite that aims to be completely compatible with Microsoft Office.  It can open, edit, view, and create MS-Office compatible files that can be accessed by Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, etc.  Price includes shipping.

All software includes durable DVD media, with installation instructions included on the DVD.  Items are shipping in US Postal Service approved media mailers and shipped via USPS First Class Mail or Media Mail.  Items ship same day if ordered before 2:00PM EST, and next day if ordered after 2:00PM EST.  We offer free e-mail based technical support for software/package/operating system installation, as well as phone-based support for a very low fee.  We thank you and fully support your interest/decision to try open source software and will help you every step of the way.  


If you support or agree with what we are trying to accomplish in the open-source world, which is to make available various Linux distributions to meet the needs of any computer user at the lowest price possible, please consider donating any amount you can to support our cause.  To do this, you can click on the "donate" button and specify the amount you are comfortable with.  We appreciate your support as we strive to stay the lowest-cost provider of Linux distributions.  

Any questions, concerns, or for bulk-ordering information, please contact William Alexander at We will get back to you within 24-hours. 

Copyright 2009 WDP Document Services, LLC.   The homepage for our company is located at  If you are unable to financially donate and you appreciate our cause, please visit the home page and click on "affiliates."  You can complete any of the offers that may interest you, for which we receive compensation for referrals.  This is a great way to support us if you are not financially able to offer a monetary contribution.

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